Field Perspectives on Energy Transitions in the Global South

Friday, October 28, 2022

The transition to clean energy in the Global South will require a range of instruments that support flexible and rapid implementation to meet ambitious climate targets. While a “just” energy transition has become a key goal of donors and national commitments, it is not always clear what international distributive justice and climate justice outcomes will be prioritized in the transition. Further, the guidance for identifying the actions required to achieve a just transition is often unclear. This panel with practitioners from emerging economies will explore questions that are critical for ensuring a just energy transition, such as: 1) Who benefits from the transition to clean energy? 2) How can these benefits be dovetailed with other justice considerations like climate adaptation and basic needs? 3) What models are available for making sure clean energy investments meet the needs of local stakeholders?

Moderated by Narasimha Rao
Associate Professor of Energy Systems, Yale School of the Environment


Sonja Klinsky Associate Professor, Arizona State University

Harish Hande Founder, SELCO Solar Light Private Limited

Jennifer Boca Head of Responsible Investment, Lekela Power

Mahua Acharya Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Convergence Energy Services Limited of the Government of India

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