2022 Global EJ Conference: Responding to Climate Change with Equitable Humanitarian Assistance

Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Adessou Kossivi, Regional Lead of Africa, Global Network of Civil Society Organization for Disaster Reduction

Marcie Roth, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, World Institute on Disability

Moderated by Kevin Brown Deputy Director, Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, USAID

The climate crisis is the largest threat that humanity faces. Climate change combined with high vulnerability increases frequency, intensity and duration of disasters and food insecurity ultimately threatening livelihoods and increases risk of instability, violence, and displacement. These effects will not be borne equally or fairly between and within countries - in fact, they disproportionately affect social groups that have historically been marginalized and underrepresented in climate change policy and discourse. Drawing on case studies and their extensive experience in the field, panelists will explore the role of humanitarian assistance in responding to and addressing the climate risks in a way that is equitable and inclusive. How can we design fair, just, and effective adaptation, disaster management, risk reduction and community resilience strategies? How do we prevent maladaptation, and ensure the equitable distribution of benefits and burdens of climate risk reduction and adaptation actions? What practices, policies, or organizational changes are needed to center climate justice in humanitarian assistance?

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