About Us

The Yale Center for Environmental Justice is a joint undertaking between Yale School of the Environment and Yale Law School, in partnership with the Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration. YCEJ is committed to strengthening institutional capacity to empower frontline communities to lead change by catalyzing partnerships and expanding interdisciplinary research, teaching, and practice in environmental justice. In addition, YCEJ promotes an expanded definition of environmental justice, recognizing the lived experiences and interconnected systemic inequities that shape environmental inequality.

YCEJ brings this perspective to four priority areas:


Improve environmental decision-making using different disciplines to address areas of process failure


Create opportunities for engaged research and experiential learning in partnership with local environmental justice groups


Create links to indigenous environmental groups globally and tribal nations in the United States to address environmental justice issues as they arise in this specific legal and policy context


Advance just transitions in energy and food systems in the face of climate disruption with a focus on the connection between clean energy, food security, and food sovereignty

The Yale Center for Environmental Justice (YCEJ) serves as a center of gravity for the different environmental justice initiatives at Yale through partnerships, programs, outreach, and convening. YCEJ hosts events throughout the year including the Global Environmental Justice Conference. YCEJ’s partner-led fellowships and projects support EJ career pathways and organizations and institutions advancing EJ locally and on tribal lands. In collaboration with the Center for Business and the Environment at Yale (CBEY), YCEJ leads the Clean and Equitable Energy Development Program (CEED) focused on developing clean energy justice offerings for the Financing and Deploying Clean Energy (FDCE) Certificate Program.