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Yale Energy Justice Speaker Series: Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Speaker Series

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YCEJ promotes a broad definition of environmental justice recognizing the lived experiences and interconnected systemic inequities that shape environmental inequality. Courses across disciplines contribute to a complex understanding of environmental injustices and approaches to change.

The course lists included here outline offerings that engage with questions of justice or equity in environmental regulation or design or emphasize the communities included in environmental justice communities. Please note that this list does not include all classes important for doing comprehensive environmental justice work. Students seeking to pursue an environmental justice career pathway should also consider technical courses in science, engineering, public health or finance related to their area of focus. Consultation with your faculty or specialization advisor and affiliated center faculty is recommended to guide your course selection.  

The People, Equity, and the Environment Specialization at YSE has an excellent course guide for students developing expertise in the social sciences including historical processes, power dynamics and changing societal values.  

The Environmental Humanities Initiative at Yale also puts together an extraordinary and wide-ranging course guide each semester that can be found here. 

For a full list of university-wide courses, see 

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