Global Environmental Justice Conference 2019

Julia Puaschunder

Julia Puaschunder

Julia Puaschunder

Postdoctoral Researcher
Columbia University; Teaching Faculty
New School for Social Research
Never before in the history of humankind have environmental concerns in the wake of economic growth heralded governance predicaments as we face today. Climate change presents societal, international and intergenerational fairness as challenge for modern economies and contemporary democracies.  In today’s climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, high and low income households, developed and underdeveloped countries and overlapping generations are affected differently.
Based on insights from the current endeavor to finance the post-COP21 Paris agreement action plan, the Mapping Environmental Climate Justice Project proposes a 3-dimensional climate justice approach in order to find a universally fair climate strategy.  Mapping Climate Justice will elucidate international climate regimes around the world based on geographic, technological, socio-economic and political factors.  Comparing international climate mitigation and adaptation as well as unraveling complex interdependencies will help protect vulnerable communities from variegated climate change risks while opening ways for all to enjoy the upsides of a warming earth.

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Type of work: Abstract

Mapping Environmental Justice’ presents international climate change mitigation and adaptation regimes in order to propose fair climate stability implementation strategies. Based on the current endeavors to finance climate change mitigation and adaptation around the world, ‘Mapping Environmental Justice’ introduces a 3-dimensional climate justice approach to share the benefits and burdens of climate change equitably within society, across the globe and over time.

Work Product: Presentation

Mapping Environmental Justice

Work Areas: 
Climate change, Climate justice, Law, Migration and human mobility, Policy and Governance

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